Apollo Performing Arts & Academy

Robin Pandey

Mr. Pandey is the founder and director of Apollo Performing Arts & Academy.  Mr. Pandey has performed and recorded music, made films, taught math and music. Mr. Pandey also worked as a Project/Program Manager for fortune 500 companies for many years.  Mr. Pandey holds Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University and MBA from New York Institute of Technology. 

Suniksha Mainali

Ms. Mainali is dance, modeling and acting teacher. She has many years of dancing, modeling and acting experience.  Currently, she has a couple of open classes available.

Reema Sharma

Ms. Sharma is an Art teacher. She has many years of painting and sketching experience. She is currently, not available.

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Wayne Walker

Mr. Walker is a music teacher and he teaches guitar and drum.  He has many years of experience. Currently, Mr. Walker is booked.